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Protective Coatings - Vancouver Island

Harbourside Spray Foam provides an array of solutions using various protective coatings and chemicals. John and his team are always open to discuss the challenges that you’re being met with and to provide systems that can protect against environment, repetitive wear, chemical and compound exposure and other factors that threaten the longevity of your project.


Our coatings range from UV stable silicones, to fast set polyurea and polyurethane coatings that are designed to withstand time and exposure. Our products have been applied to boat hulls, metals tanks, equipment, commercial floors and more.

Protective Coating Polyurea being applied in steel pipe on Vancouver Island

Your island protective coatings provider

We spray Polyurea and other coatings

Spray applied pure polyurea. Tank Coatings Nanaimo BC

Harbourside Spray Foam’s spray applied protective linings can also be used for digester tanks, fish holds, ponds, and holding tanks. We have options that are available for potable water as well as solutions for rust proofing.


We have pure and hybrid polyurea systems that can meet any of your protective coating needs.

Applicator spraying for secondary containment.

Abrasion Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

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