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Concrete Lifting - Vancouver Island

Harbourside Spray Foam is proud to serve our customers using the technology of spray foam insulation to resolve sunken and settled concrete in a cost effective way. We believe is using the best products available to for a job well done. If you require concrete lifting in Nanaimo or anywhere on Vancouver Island, contact is today.

Our Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting uses the chemistry of ProLift 2.5 to raise and level your sunken slabs. Our trained technicians will evaluate your concrete and then drill strategically placed holes. Once the drilling is done, a small port is hammered into the concrete and the foam injection gun is attached. This is where the lifting comes in. Our lifting foam is then injected beneath the surface of the slab, filling any voids until the foam begins to pressure against the concrete. The raise happens slowly to prevent stress cracking or breaks.

Measuring the difference between slabs. Concrete lifting of sidewalk by Harbourside Spray Foam

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We Raise Sunken Concrete

Before and after concrete lifting. Foam injection vs mud jacking.

We are able to lift sunken driveways, garage pads, basement floors, sidewalks, tank slabs and more. The cost of foam concrete lifting can save you thousands of dollars in concrete replacement.

Less expensive than replacing concrete

Small holes drilled are barely noticeable

Able to use concrete immediately after

slab jacking in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

Your Questions Answered.

Foam jacking uses a lightweight polyurethane product to raise the concrete while mud jacking uses a concrete mixture that adds weight to the already settling ground.

The cost will depend on the type of slab, the depth of the void beneath the slab and the distance it will need to be lifted.

No. The holes are filled with a quick set mortar after injection.

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